AI Solutions and System Integration

The times are changing. After the wave of the automation industry revolution, artificial intelligence (AI) is penetrating various industries. In addition to replacing high repetitive labor intensively and effectively reducing costs, AI provides customers with intelligent decision-making algorithms and big data analysis to create diversity of smarter solutions. The AI platform provides pre-built algorithms and simple workflows with drag-and-drop modeling and visual interfaces to make it easy to build a solution model. In addition to machine learning capabilities, the artificial intelligence platform includes image recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition, recommendation systems, and predictive analysis.

【AI Smart IVR Solution】

【Management platform】
System management, statistical analysis, authority management
【AI engine】
Speech recognition engine (STT, TTS), semantic cognition engine
【Presentation mode】
Interactive voice response
【Knowledge Base】
Language knowledge, business knowledge

【Technical Integration】
Compatible with the world's leading brands of IVR platforms (Avaya, Genesys, CISCO, Huawei...)
【System Capability】
Number of concurrent processes that can be processed by a single server is 2~3 times more than other vendors. For example, our server supports up to 300 concurrent processes, while others need 3 servers to do the same.
【Languages Supported】
Support 85 languages. We're global leader of recognition capabilities of Chinese and English.
【Omni-channel Integration】
Unified knowledge base management applied to all channels, with mature operation and maintenance interface.
【Project Implementation】
Professional project management and implementation. For example, in the interaction design phase, according to the confidence returned by an interaction, it's decided up to customers to avoid wrong transfer.
【Operation and Maintenance】
According to statistics, the more samples the higher the accuracy, the faster maintenance the shorter optimization period.
【Semantic / Context / Interaction】
In our semantic cognition engine large number of industry knowledge bases and a large number of cases has accumulated.
【Case #1 China Merchants Bank, Credit Card Center】

* AI Smart IVR dispatch rate 5.6%, 17,000 calls used to be handled by customer service staffs were reduced per day.
* Interaction success rate 86.7%
* IVR usage ratio 11%
* Average daily interaction 60,000 times
* Average daily phone volume is 28,000
【Case #2 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Credit Card Center】

* Dispatch rate increased by 3.5%
* Voice accuracy is 91%
* The interaction duration is reduced from 127s to 27s
* Wrong transfer rate decreased by 16%
【Use Cases of AI Smart Outbound Solution]

* Account collection
* Customers satisfaction surveys / Feedback calls
* Customer care
* Outbound telemarketing
* Information notification
* Risk control and credit evaluation
【Core Technology and Features】

== AI Voice Robot ==
* AI-based speech recognition
* Natural language processing
* AI-based interaction and strategy

== Outbound Call Platform ==
* AI-based questioning
* Contextual relevance
* AI-based interrupt
* Silent tone recognition
* Dialogue interaction strategy engine
* Seamless integration of AI and customer service staffs
* Business system integration
【Case of an Internet Financing Firm】
1. Expiration reminder:
* Call connection rate 60%
* Interactive completion rate 78%
* Interactive accuracy rate 92%
* Successful rate of money collection retains the same as with real human staffs, while complaint rate drops by 60%.

2. Early collection:
* Call connection rate 55%
* Interactive completion rate 68%
* Interactive accuracy rate 88%
* Successful rate of money collection retains the same as with real human staffs, while complaint rate drops by 33%.