Greater China Data Monthly Package

Model:Hong Kong 6GB/Month NT$599,China, HK and Macau 6GB/Month NT$999,China, HK and Macau 10GB/Month NT$1,399

➤ Hong Kong 6GB/NT$599/Month
➤ China, HK and Macau 6GB/NT$999/Month
➤ China, HK and Macau 10GB/NT$1,399/Month
➤ Less than 4 days of day cap package can be used for one month in China, HK and Macau
➤ China high-speed Internet access and normal use in Google, LINE

Greater China Data Monthly Package」Provide China, Hong Kong and Macau monthly non-limit data service. Have many choice in Greater China. Only Hong Kong data volume 6 GB/Month NT$599、Include China, Hong Kong and Macau data volume 6 GB/Month NT$999,Include China, Honk Kong and Macau high data volume 10 GB/Month NT$1,399
► InInclude Country: Provide
Hong Kong and China+Hong Kong+Macau (combine three area usage) monthly service.
 Please call to +886-928-000-107 or take along two photo IDs to CHT Point of Sale to add this package on top of your Universal Card service.
※ As the service countries of this package have been included in Multi-Country Data Monthly Package, so you only need to subscribe either one of them by your preference.

 In order to comply with the fair use principle of multinationals, the speed will be adjusted to 128Kbps when the usage amount is 6 or 10GB in the current month (based on calendar month), and will automatically return to full speed from 0:00 am on the next month. (The 6 or 10GB calculation method is the cumulative total of uploading and downloading in the service country from 0:00 am on the 1st of each month to 23:59 on the last day of the month.)
Greater China Data Monthly Packageis available on a monthly basis. It is not required to apply separately every month. If you do not use this package, you must cancel service.
The full monthly fee will be charged in the first month and will be charged according to the customer's actual billing cycle. For example, on March 15th, the online package will be applied, and the bill will be charged one month before April 14th.
Less than one month after the start of the second month, the bill will be charged proportionally according to the actual number of days used. According to the above example: If the service is not canceled until April 30, the 16-day monthly fee will be charged in the second month (according to the customer's actual billing cycle).
 If you have subscribed “Great China Data Package”, your China, Hong Kong or Macau data usage will be charged under the monthly fee and no day cap will be charged.
 Do not provide Non-limit server. Please use with caution

Great China Data Package is a monthly package and the monthly fee will be charged during its effective period.
 The system will send notice via SMS at the following events:
When you activated or canceled the package;
When the accumulated data usage reaches 50% and 100% of the package quota.
Data Roaming Coverage Table
Country Operator GSM/3G Frequency Band 4G Frequency Band LTE Mobile Band
China China Mobile(CMCC) GSM 900
TDD LTE 1800(FDD),1900,2300,2500,2600 B3(FDD),B38,B39,B40,B41
Hong Kong CMHK GSM 1800
3G 2100
LTE 1800,2300,2600 B3,B7,B40
Macau CTM GSM 900,1800
3G 2100
LTE 1800,2300 B3,B40

►  Check APN setting in your handset:

1. [Setting] → [Cellular] → [Cellular Data Options] → turn on [Data Roaming]、[Enable LTE] → [Data only]
2. [Setting] → [Cellular] → [Cellular Data Network] → Input "CMHK" to APN field
1. [Setting] → [Mobile Data] → [Turn on "Data Roaming"]、[Network Mode] → [4G/WCDMA/GSM Auto]
2. [Setting] → [Mobile Data] → [Access Point Name] → upper right corner dots icon for more options → [New APN] → Name:「CMHK DATA」、APN:「CMHK」 → OK
If you still cannot connect to the Internet after the APN has been changed to “CMHK”, please reboot your handset to force the new APN to be in effect.
Because various local signal coverage, your experience may not be the same as using Chunghwa network in Taiwan.
Universal Card not support VoLTE yet, please turn off to keep signal stability.