IOT Solutions

sim2travel IoT Connectivity Service is a sophisticated, cloud-based platform offering unique capabilities that enable you to launch, manage, and rapidly scale your connected device business or enterprise deployment.

We work with our partners and offer various solutions to meet your time-to-market demands. For example:
* Smart Fleet
* Smart Metering
* Smart Lighting

We sincerely invite partners from various industries to join us and build comprehensive solutions for deploying IoT solutions around the world.

With our strength in global connectivity and expertise in geolocation and fleet management of our best-in-class partners, our solution consists of modules, suitable for all kinds of companies and businesses for whom vehicle management is key. Designed for efficient fleet management, our solution allows you to optimize your performance, reduce costs and improve productivity, ensuring the safety of employees, vehicles and assets.

Managing vehicles which belong to all business segments, including logistics, transport, retail, services, security, construction, public sector, etc., or independently if the vehicle is a LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) or MHV (Medium High Vehicles).
With our Fleet Management solution we are offering:

* A proposal to reduce operative fleet costs by 15-20% (estimated on real case studies) with a product ROI of 2.5:1
* A subscription model, without an upfront fee, to permit return of the investment from the first month of service
* Global connectivity to use the fleet abroad
* A service supported by a strong company with extensive experience in fleets and connectivity.
1. Visualization
Allows you to always be aware of the geographical position of your vehicles, ensuring compliance with established routes and schedules.

2. Protection
To reduce work-related risks, comply with health regulations and prevent theft, ensuring at the same time the safety of employees, passenger vehicles and goods.

3. Productivity
To optimize working times and reduce fuel costs by controlling routes and work processes.

4. Sustainability
To comply with environmental regulations and reduce CO2 emissions by managing employee driving style.
Smart Metering offers a set of flexible and innovative solutions that enable our customers to monitor their energy consumption and apply specific savings measures for each business sector, not only achieving optimal energy management, but also significant savings on their bills. IOT solutions help increase efficiency and generate positive economic and environmental impacts that make our lives more comfortable.
Smart Metering solution allows the generation of savings through the remote measurement of energy consumption of our customers’ headquarters with three main objectives: a better understanding of consumption patterns, generation of programmable alarms to detect abnormal consumption and finally, using LUCA Energy Big Data techniques in the prediction of consumption.

Smart Metering solution also allows users to increase their savings in energy consumption thanks to a centralized remote control of the systems installed on the premises of our customers' systems such as: lighting, cooling, heating, ventilation, automated office equipment, etc.

These IOT solutions are ideal for industrial customers, the utilities sector or the tertiary sector which has a network of geographically dispersed sites, with a consumption of light and HVAC which represents a large proportion of their total consumption or when they need to reduce the cost of their electrical installations. The system can monitor them from a central point and even manage them, changing the policy of a subgroup of these installations or all of them very easily from the user management interface that we provide our customers.

* Energy Efficiency
Reducing energy costs in infrastructures and their maintenance. As an example, a client in the banking sector with 400 offices can reduce electricity consumption by 25% with our IOT Smart Metering solution.

* Detection of abnormal patterns and prediction of consumption
The system collects all information of monitored and/or controlled events to have full traceability and be able to perform analysis on them. With the Big Data techniques from LUCA Energy customers can identify abnormal consumption patterns as well as predict it. In addition, our solution allows any company to gain the ISO 50001 quality seal easily and simply.

* Optimizing the relationship between cost and comfort
Management of the comfort / energy consumption according to economic and commercial criteria.

* Remote centralized management
Remote centralized monitoring and control in real time, facilitating maintenance and visits.

* Sustainability
Guarantees decreased operating costs for continued savings over time.
Organizations and government agencies across the world are facing increased pressure to find ways to become more energy efficient while reducing costs. Outdoor lighting is a great place to start as public and commercial lighting infrastructure is expensive and one of the greatest contributors to energy waste. The Internet of Things (IOT) makes it easy for public and private organizations to conserve more energy with smart lighting systems.
An intelligent lighting system allows you to gather data from connected infrastructure throughout the city or across commercial buildings to make smarter decisions about usage and maintenance. With connected lighting, your organization can conserve energy and reduce operating expenses:

* Monitor usage and provide lighting as needed in different areas based on their unique needs.
* Adapt lighting settings to environmental conditions such as fog or rain.
* Adjust lighting based on the day of the week or time of day to account for traffic or other conditions.
* Use real-time data to see operational status of lights, reducing unnecessary truck rolls.
Make your city a safer place

IOT-enabled smart lighting systems have the potential to make cities a significantly safer place to live, work, and visit. Smart lighting provides a greater sense of security and overall better experience for citizens as it helps cities enhance public safety:

* Use responsive lighting to improve visibility during inclement weather.
* Instantly turn on or dim lights to assist emergency responders.
* Increase lighting in high crime areas to deter misconduct.
* Brighten lights in remote areas in response to traffic.
* Detect and address lighting outages faster.