VoIP Service & Solutions

We aim to serve our customers with best quality of services and advanced VOIP platform, to provide diversified service requirements of individuals and corporate. We utilize the latest telecommunications technology in order to meet all consumer requirements now and for the future. Our VOIP services including international and domestic telephone, cost-saving pricing and comprehensive value-added services, achieve customer's goal of business operation.

【Enterprise VoIP System】
Internet telephony or VOIP is a revolutionary technology and product that enables instant transmission and bilateral conversation over the Internet. Users can use the Internet to reach other VOIP users around the world. From commuters to home users, students, gamers and grandparents, VoIP provides a completely new, easy, and economical way to talk to friends and colleagues around the world.

The Internet Telephony Gateway (ITG) is a unique new generation communication technology for connecting public telephone switching networks or private branch exchange system and the Internet. This product is designed to provide voice and fax communications over the Internet and corporate networks. It can be used for long-distance communication from telephone to telephone, computer to telephone, telephone to computer, website to telephone, and fax to fax. As long as the user dials, the gateway connects to the other gateway and finally connects to the callee.

In the fast-growing telecommunications industry, how to provide customers with the lowest costs and the best services, is what tier-2 telecom operators need to breakthrough. We offer turn-key implementation project for customers including VOIP gateway system, VOIP phones, national wide VPN backbone interconnection, premium quality voice termination, billing and management systems, starting detail engineering planning, installation, commissioning, till day-to-day operations.
【VOIP APP functions】
== Voice calls ==
Dedicate 070 numbers for each corporate users, as CLI for local, mobile, long distance and international calls.

== 3rd-Party Conference ==
Talk to more than 2 people at any time for conference.

== Call Transfer ==
Incoming calls can be transferred to other mobile, local or international calls with conditions or unconditionally.

== Call Log ==
Check incoming calls, missed calls, and dialed calls.

== SIMPLE ==
* Graphical user interface: contact list (integrated mobile phone address book), background standby support, call volume preset and adjustment, etc.
* Support Chinese and English.

== STABLE ==
* Provide high quality voice service / Adopt SILK Codec
* Calls can be made on 3G, 4G (LTE) and WiFi

* Power-saving feature: power consumption takes 8% - 18% after 12 hours of background execution.
* Always receive incoming call in power-saving mode.

* Account security: individual user ID and passwords
* Login password can be changed at any time
【Cloud PABX System】
Cloud PABX system functions include VOIP telephony, low-cost routing, and broadband Internet services.

== Unlimited Service Availability ==
Cloud PABX integrates your personal mobile phones and desk phone, you can not miss any important calls while outing or overseas business trip. Even more, it saves cost of all your calls.

== System Admin Web Portal ==
Administrate Cloud PABX system settings and configuration can be done at any time and anywhere in the Chinese interface.

== No More CAPEX for PABX ==
Using full set of functions of Cloud PABX, you don't need to invest and own special hardware of PABX system like before.

== Company Representative Line ==
With Cloud PABX system, a dedicate 070 line is assigned to customer as company representative line.

== VOIP Phone Plug-N-Play ==
VOIP phone plugs in to network jack, connects to VOIP gateway and configures its settings automatically.