Sponsored Roaming

International roaming control platform and professional service team, speed up your go-to-market plan and customized service offering with global SIM products

1-Card-Multi-Number Service
With sim2 B.O.A platform interconnecting with global roaming networks around the world, you now can easily create an unique 1-Card-Multi-Number SIM card package for your customers. One mobile plan includes all types of voice, text and data bundles, and multiple mobile numbers of selected Asian countries. One platform, one-stop shopping, and zero capital investment, sim2 B.O.A platform assures you the least cost and time-to-market of your tailor-made mobile SIM products.
Sponsored Roaming Service
Large channel distributors and mobile network virtual operators (MVNO) no longer need to invest huge amount to establish operate telecom core networks, billing and settlement business support systems. sim2 B.O.A platform covers 200+ 3G/4G roaming networks worldwide, providing you with low-cost, high-quality international roaming services in one stop.