Sponsored Roaming Service

Large channel distributors and mobile network virtual operators (MVNO) no longer need to invest huge amount to establish operate telecom core networks, billing and settlement business support systems. sim2 B.O.A platform covers 200+ 3G/4G roaming networks worldwide, providing you with low-cost, high-quality international roaming services in one stop.

Smaller mobile operators, pure-4G mobile operators, or mobile network virtual operators (MVNO) are often lack of global service coverage and quality international roaming agreements to meet outbound travelers' need.

The international roaming business is complicated, requires extensive works, traffic commitment, and huge investments to make everything works. It would take years to launch international roaming agreements and all basic telecommunications services (3G/4G voice, SMS, Internet, etc.).
【Sponsored Roaming Solution】
sim2 B.O.A platform support customized sponsored roaming features including
* International roaming coverage and service plans
* SIM card issuers can select either physical SIM cards (e.g. 3-in-1 SIM cards), or eSIM.
* 2G/ 3G / 4G LTE technologies for basic services voice/data/SMS
* Mobile plan and value-added packages can be customized, for example, monthly plan including voice and data services, add-on of Greater China, US and Canada, or pan-European data packages.
* International data and financial clearing service.
* Retail billing can be customized too.
* 7x24 technical support service.
sim2 B.O.A offers comprehensive sponsored roaming services all over the world.

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