Both of Permanent Number and Temporary Number can enjoy the same favourable rates. However, we will not provide call forwarding service after you left that country for Temporary Number. In addition, the Temporary Number might be different in every trip to that country.
Upon you landing, please turn off “Air Mode” and then reboot your handset. After you saw a “Welcome to Universal Card” message, that means your handset has been switched to local number.
※ After rebooted, if you can make international calls directly (without callback), that means you are not in using Universal Card mode but regular roaming. Please switch to Universal Card mode by the following steps:
►i-Phone:[Setting] → [Phone] → [SIM Application] → [Universal Card] → [Mobile network] → Choose [Auto] or [Universal Card] → Re-boot
►Android:Application [Chunghwa Telecom/SIM Toolkit] → [Universal Card] → [Mobile network] → Choose [Auto] or [Universal Card] → Re-boot
Please select a local partner network manually.

※ For your data service of Universal Card is enabled
► i-Phone:[Setting] → [Cellular] → [Cellular Network] → turn off [Auto] → Chose your location's network of partner operator
► Android:[Setting] → [Mobile network] → [Service providers] → [Search networks] → Chose your location's network of partner operator

※ For your data service of Universal Card is disabled
1. [Setting] → [Cellular] → [Cellular Data Options] → turn off [Enable LTE]
2. [Setting] → [Cellular] → [Cellular Network] → turn off [Auto] → Chose your location's network of partner operator
1. [Setting] → [Mobile Network] → [Preferred network type] or [Network mode] → choose [2G/3G auto]
2. [Setting] → [Mobile Network] → [Service providers] → [Search networks] → Chose your location's network of partner operator

※Please refer to 【Products】→【Chunghwa Telecom Universal Card 】→【Internet By Volume and Unlimited Day Cap】 to choose a local partner network.
1. After rebooted, you shall see a “Welcome to Universal Card” message.
2. When you call to someone, the calling number displays on his/her handset should be your local number.
3. When you make international calls, it shall be via callback.

※ If you are using dual SIM handset, please put Universal Card to Slot 1.
When you are in roaming, you have to turn off “Dial Assistant”or“Home Dialing” feature in your handset setting, to avoid it will be added country code automatically by your phone.
► i-Phone:[Setting] → [Telephone]→turn off [Dial Assistant]
► Android:[Setting] → [Call] or [Call Setting] → turn off [Home Dialing].

※Please dial ”+886” to call Taiwan number, as “00886” is not recognizable by the system.
1. Universal Card is using smart callback for international calls. Please call international by dialing【+】【country code】【phone number】. After you pressed “Send” or “Call”, after few seconds the system will call you back from +886-972-901-070 to +886-972-901-079, you just need to answer it, then the system will dial the number you want. Your call will be charged only after it was successfully connected.
2. If you found callback process could not function properly on your handset, you can try to change the Type in SIM setting to better compatible with your handset as the following steps:
► i-Phone:[Setting] → [Phone] → [SIM Application] → [Universal Card] → [Initial Setting] → choose TYPE 2
► Android:Application [Chunghwa Telecom/SIM Toolkit] → [Universal Card] → [Initial Setting] → choose TYPE 2
3. Some handset need to change Type to Type 1 for finish international call.

※ Note:very few cases, if you still cannot make international calls via callback after Type changed, you can dial 【**128*】【+】【country code】【phone number】【#】(e.g. **128*+886928000107#), or get a callback compatible handset.
Universal Card does not support this function, so please cancel this service before you go abroad.
No, we don't recommend you do that because that will cause uncontrollable international call forwarding charges.
If you do need such service, please call + 886-972-900-107.
No, Universal Card numbers are assigned by system so no manually selection is possible.
No. CHT number and local number in a country is one-on-one basis.
If you need more than one local number in a country, you can use separated CHT numbers to subscribe.
You have to switch back to regular roaming mode by the following steps:
► iPhone: [Setting] → [Phone] or [Cellular] → [SIM Application] → [Universal Card] → [Mobile network → Choose "Chunghwa Telecom", then Re-boot.
► Android:Application [Chunghwa Telecom/SIM Toolkit] → [Universal Card] → [Mobile network] → choose "Chunghwa Telecom", then Re-boot.
The timing when you need to switch SIM Mode:
1. You are out of coverage.
2. If you want to use CHT's data service. Note: we suggest you can use Universal Card data service, so no need to switch back and forth between CHT (for data) and Universal Card (for voice). When you stay in using CHT, your voice will be charged at regular roaming rate.
3. When you need to use CHT number to call out.
4. If you forgot to inform your customers or colleagues your local number, so they don’t answer your call (we suggest you shall inform them your local numbers so you will not need to pay regular roaming fee to call them, they also can call you easier and cheaper).

1. Application【Chunghwa Telecom/SIM Toolkit】
2. Click【Universal Card】
3. Click【Mobile network】
4. Choose【Chunghwa Telecom】or【Universal Card】or【Auto】,then Re-boot.
※Switch SIM mode for OPPO handsets as following:【Setup】→ More → Application【Chunghwa Telecom/SIM Toolkit】→【Universal Card】→【Mobile network】→【Chunghwa Telecom】or【Universal Card】or【Auto】→ Re-boot.
※If you did not see Universal Card SIM App icon shown on your Zenfone2, please insert a non-Universal Card SIM to Slot 1 of Zenfone2 first. After you saw the SIM App of the operator, change the SIM back to Universal Card, you should see Universal Card SIM App then. Please contact Customer Service for assistance if you still have problem after above SIM switching.

1. Click【Settings】
2. Click【Phone】or【Cellular】
3. Click【SIM Applications】
4. Click【Universal Card】
5. Click【Mobile network】
6. Choose【Chunghwa Telecom】or【Universal Card】or【Auto】,then Re-boot.

※ Please refer to【Service】→【Download】→【User Manual】to find SIM Mode Switch steps.
Beginning on May 1, 2021, the monthly fee for China countries that can be selected for the permanent mobile number of the Universal Card will be adjusted from the original NT$50/month for each number to NT$100 / month for each number.
In response to China Mobile Group’s policy on overseas number resource management and control, the price of its "local phone number" was requested to be increased. To reflect the cost, Universal Card will adjust the "Monthly Fee" and "Fixed Door Number Monthly Fee" from May 1, 110.
This offer is based on the Chunghwa Number, not on the customer's license number. All the Chunghwa numbers attached to the customer ID
number will be linked to the Universal Card. The discount between permanent mobile numbers cannot be used or transferred to each other.
Example: There are 3 Chunghwa numbers under a customer name. Each Chunghwa number has a permanent mobile number for applying for the Universal Card. Each permanent mobile number has a NT$50 discount.
give foreign voice call, the fee is limited to bill generated in the current month, the amount of the voice call fee will not be refunded, and no deferral or refund will be required.
1. If you add a permanent mobile number from the date of rent until the end of the month, you will still enjoy this offer, and the next month will be based on the billing period.
2. If you apply for a permanent mobile number in the current month and you terminate in the month of application, you can also enjoy this offer. Example: 11/15 apply for permanent mobile number, then terminated at 11/25, and still enjoy this offer in the month.
Regardless of whether a fixed number is added or not, during the feedback period, the international voice sending and receiving fee generated by the global card number of NT$50 can be discounted (excluding the transfer and switching to Chunghwa Telecom after returning to the country and roaming, and the number of receiving calls from the global card number is not included. cost).