Internet of Things

Internet of Things Connectivity Service, keeping you in control of IOT devices globally

Embedded SIM (E-SIM)
IOT applications present new technology challenges, and in many cases, standard components designed for consumer devices are not ideally suited to the job. To meet the need for an IOT optimized SIM card that is reliable for long life in extreme conditions, sim2 I.O.T offers a specialized IOT SIM called E-SIM that has quickly become the preferred solution for enabling secure cellular IOT.
IOT Control Center
Make IOT easier for your enterprise customers with connectivity management from sim2travel. Give them the power to control and track their IOT devices and networked assets – nationally, regionally or globally – with one unified and intuitive solution.
IOT Solutions
sim2travel IoT Connectivity Service is a sophisticated, cloud-based platform offering unique capabilities that enable you to launch, manage, and rapidly scale your connected device business or enterprise deployment.

We work with our partners and offer various solutions to meet your time-to-market demands. For example:
* Smart Fleet
* Smart Metering
* Smart Lighting

We sincerely invite partners from various industries to join us and build comprehensive solutions for deploying IoT solutions around the world.