【Universal Card】『Permanent Numbers Monthly Fee』Change Notice


Dear Universal Card users,

Please note that the Universal Card permanent number monthly fee will be adjusted from NT$25 to NT$50 from Feb. 1st, 2018, to reflect the increasing management cost of our local partners to comply with stringent policy on the phone numbers been subscribed by overseas users, which was requested by local regulator.

However, in order to thanks your long-term support for Universal Card service, at the same time (starting from Feb. 1st, 2018), we will subsidize NT$35 per permanent number for your outgoing & incoming calls that were made in Universal Card service countries (excluding forward-to-home calls and the calls which were made under Chunghwa Telecom roaming).

Let’s take an example, if you have 4 permanent numbers (such as in China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia) in a month, then you will have NT$35*4=NT$140 free incoming/outgoing calls in that month.